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I've read this, Microsoft Lync 2010 - The Next Generation of Communications Server and it was amazing, though I didn't not understand some of the posts because I am not that sophisticated.
What is PBX replace? does it replace PBX features or PBX will replace something in the system?
If there are FAX features, what do you guys think it would be?


Microsoft Lync 2010 - The Next Generation of Communications Server. This is new in the world of computer and internet, information technology experts are going to study the genius features of this and apply it in their field of work.

InfinIT Consulting

"A private branch exchange (PBX) is a telephone exchange that serves a particular business or office, as opposed to one that a common carrier or telephone company operates for many businesses or for the general public." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_branch_exchange#Private_branch_exchange

PBX replace is where Lync Server will be able to replace your on premise telephone service, since it already provides you with capabilities like audio and video calling and multiparty conferencing.

1 & 2) It is not compatible with all Windows OS. Refer to here for more information system and hardware requirements: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg398835.aspx
3) There isn't a lot of information on what specific fax features are supported, but fax and analog phones will be supported by Lync. One of the features I assume it would have will be the capability to send fax over Lync Server, specifically through different Office 365 products like Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office Professional without needing a different fax machine on the other end.

I hope this answers your questions!


Another great software from Microsoft. I am so excited about this.

Bob Seward

How would this work with users outside your organization? Is it competitive with Webex or GotoMeeting? Will it work with MACs outside my organization? How about use of VOIP for a meeting? Live webcams in a meeting?

Displaying video for all to see in a meeting ?

InfinIT Consulting

Hi Bob, great question. Lync supports federation with public IM networks such as Windows Live, AOL, Yahoo, and, through a gateway, Google Talk, allowing workers to use their corporate identities to connect to customers and partners. Users can make audio and video calls to others via Windows Live Messenger, even if they are with another company.

The conference feature is like Webex and GotoMeeting, but Lync is so much more. Conference attendees can join from leading Web browsers to get capabilities such as conference calling, guest user support, PSTN dial-out audio, and desktop sharing on Microsoft Windows®, Mac, and Linux. The Web client experience also enables high-fidelity viewing, file upload and download, presentation viewing, whiteboard, lobby, and presenter access controls.

Mac users can absolutely use Lync. Mac users can use Communicator for Mac 2011 for presence and instant messaging with Lync Server 2010. Enhancements include rich presence with calendar free/busy information and “out of office” message integration, presence in Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac, desktop sharing through Lync Server 2010, and a dial pad with ability to dial out to a public switched telephone network (PSTN) phone number.


Does Lync supports federation with GotoMeeting?

InfinIT Support

No, Lync does not support federation with GoToMeeting. It is really built to replace GoToMeeting having comparable feature sets when it comes to onling meetings & conferencing.


I am looking to implement Lync2010 in a hosting solution that still only uses a single domain, but hosts mutliple organisations with seperation between them so that they cannot share information.
Do I have to look at the multitenanting pack, or can I configure Lync to support this segregation?

InfinIT Consulting

Hi Steve,

That’s a great question. Lync Server 2010 Offers the ability to set up distribution lists within a single domain. This will effectively group clusters of employees into separate groups and offers the ability to have administrators present across all the distribution groups. Additionally, with Lync Server 2010 On-Premise you have the ability to set permissions for users not to be able to communicate with other users outside their own distribution group. This can been turned on and off and can be set from user to user.

With Lync Online, although you will have the ability to set distribution groups the same as Lync On-Premise, the ability to restrict communication is not available.

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